Ratio of regenerated and planted species

The Billion Trees Afforestation Project lays maximum emphasis on planting sowing and regeneration indigenous species. However in order to meet local requirements, satiates demand of owners and meet market demand fast growing multipurpose traditional as well as exotic species are also grown under the Project.

In this context in order to get regular advice and have expert oversight over the species combination, the expert committee has been constituted. The Experts regularly meet after each three months and provide advice after field visits. At this level 462 million seedlings have been naturally induced, as such 62 % of the stock is purely based on ecological considerations. The rest 38% stock also contains maximum local species. The ratio of planting stock grown in nurseries has been provided on this web which reflects that the ratio of eucalyptus in planting stock is up to 23 %, so in totality its ratio is less than 10 %.

The Research reflects that most of the apprehensions about eucalyptus are not based on sound scientific facts.  The study conducted in PFI express that the lateral rooting is up to 56 feet while the tap root system runs down up to 10 feet only. The international research has reported the maximum tap rooting up to 20 feet. Thus it has no profound effect on ground water, however it is an admitted fact that eucalyptus has more consumption of water and nutrients being fast growing.

1Region-Wise Status Of Coniferous And Broadleaved Planting Stock Raised
2Region-wise/Activity-wise Progress Report of Billion Trees Tsunami Afforestation Project 30- 09-2015