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16 February 2016

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Makhnial and Satora Forest

A field trip for sake of orientation was made to Satora and Makhnial Forest sub division and visited few afforestation sites such as Ruper, Karagga and Lora Noor pur. The beautiful town and villages of Langeryal, Karaki, Kohalla lasan, Phalla and Lora are worth seeing with very beautiful landscape.
It was astonished that how KP Forest Department has maintained the two Forest Houses of Makhnial and Jabri; the legacy of Colonial period, (since both the rest houses were constructed in1925-27). It is encouraging to see the development made at Makhnial and also the forest protection adopted by the staff and the development initiatives undertaken through BTTAP are very much encouraging. But it is becoming now challenging how to protect the precious land from encroachment from the clutches of mighty and big land mafia. But the morale of SDFO and staff posted are high with countervailing stamina and power.

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