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The Dera Ismail Khan Forest Division extends over an area of 9005 sq km .It  includes districts of D.I.Khan and Tank.  The divisional head quarter is located in Dera Ismail Khan Cantonment. The Forest Division lies in the extreme southern part of the province. The climate over here is harsh. it occurs in arid and semi arid zone and receives rainfall ranging between 250 mm to 400 mm.  The entire tract falls in tropical thorn zone, while a part in sub- tropical broad leaved ever green zone.  The prominent species are  Prosopis spicigera, Tamarix  aphylla, Zizyphus mauraitiana, Tamarix dioica, Capparis aphylla, Salvadora oleoides, Acacia nilotica, Acacia modesta, Dodonea viscosa. These species are found in sporadic open patches especially in Rudkohi area or in grave yards. The most of the area is now irrigated through Chashma right  bank Canal.

Map of the Forest Division its land use statistics are given. The Division comprises of the following sub- divisions:

  1. I.Khan Forest Sub-division
  2. Paharpur Forest Sub-division
  3. Tank Forest Sub-division
  4. Sheikh Buddin Forest Sub- Division
  5. Paroa Range

Land cover Map of D.I.Khan and Tank Districts:











Plantation Maps:


Plantation( in ha)
Sowing( in ha)
Enclosures (in Nos.)
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