The instant program’s objectives directly contribute to the following sectoral and development objectives of the Government

  • Conserve and develop forests and other renewable natural resources so as to meet the needs of local communities for timber, firewood and fodder production.
  • Increase the incomes of local people from the sale of forest products and services and provide gainful employment opportunities to the local people close to their places of residence.
  • Improve the quality of local human environment.
  • Increase forest lands productivity and produce timber, firewood, and other multipurpose tree species.
  • Increase the rangeland/pastures productivity and other related services and functions
  • Contribute towards meeting Pakistan’s needs for timber, non-timber forest products.
  • Enhance the protective functions of watersheds for regulating their water regimes, retarding soil erosion and siltation of reservoirs, and protecting downstream agriculture and infrastructure from flood damages.
  • Assist the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan in meeting the obligations of relevant international treaties and conventions, such as Convention on Biodiversity, the Climate Change Convention, the Desertification Convention, and Agenda 21.
  • Conserve biological diversity.
  • Contribute to carbon sequestration and thereby play a role in retarding global warming and climate change.