Physical Progress

ActivitiesUnitProject Target Phase-IAchievementProject Target Phase-IIAchievementProject Target Phase-III Phase-III
Closure of depleted forest for increasing of natural regenerationNos65050228504007----
Planting of multipurpose fast growing treeha60009783105001061404800043793
Rehabilitation of degraded WatershedNos31106----
Reclamation/ rehabilitation of bad sites through soil and water conservation measures, bio engineering structures and planting of drought resistant sppha30027210001158----
Reclamation of saline and waterlogged areasha1501309501227820007055
Planting of road, canal and railway tract including motor wayha30049420003253----
Farm Forestry & Agro ForestryNos3.46.987131.242513.985
Promotion of forest based cottage industries related to Mazri and Kanaha505000----
Establishment of Central Model Forest Nurseriesha349261.04171192140140
Establishment of Private Forest NurseriesNos26533268100979992----
Capacity Building of farmers, communities and entrepreneursNos19001641885071483200in Progress