Planning & Monitoring Circle (P&m)


  • To maintain the inventory of Natural Resources (NR), collect, process and store the data on NR and socio-economic conditions and provide specialized input in NRM planning and investment at provincial level.
  • Ensure quality control of the process and methodologies of strategic and operational planning and facilitate in local level planning with the involvement of VDCs, WOs and JFMCs.
  • Develop and maintain MIS and GIS for planning, monitoring & evaluation and for making necessary adjustments of operational plan, resource mobilization etc.


  • Supervise the staff of P&M Directorate.
  • Assign P&M staff to circles and provide technical supervision.
  • Design internal task division, communication and procedures for P&M staff in collaboration with ID/HRD and area management (AM) and implement.
  • Timely respond to all type of inter and intra organizational correspondence.
  • Oversea all affairs related to P&M activities at all levels and take necessary steps and/or provide needed assistance to all concerned.
  • Develop and maintain liaison with relevant agencies /organizations, network etc.